Availability of both sculptures and paintings will be determined by its hand-crafted nature and, therefore, stock existence. 

National and international deliveries will be usually made through freight agencies.

Cost of delivery will be determined accordingly to delivery city/country.

Order lead time will vary according to availability and requested customization of the pieces. An estimated 10-20 days can be calculated after payment. Nonetheless, Daniela Adamez will not be held responsible for any delays in the handling of the deliveries once they’ve been handed to the freight agencies.


Cancellation of purchases may be done within 5 working days of delivery date.

Cancellation rights are subject to the following conditions:

  • The customer must write an email to with all the purchase details and return the product within 5 working days.
  • All returned goods must be in mint condition, with no signs of use damage and coming in their original package including protections and wrappings. 
  • All products from an order must be returned jointly. No split returns will be accepted when belonging to one order.

Returns must comply with these conditions to be accepted. If we should consider that these conditions have not been met, the customer will be contacted and offered to return unaccepted products again to them. All expenses generated by unaccepted returned goods sent back to customers will be payed by the latter. Should this not be accepted by the customer, we may keep both the unwanted product and the purchase money.

Once we will have checked that return conditions stated here have been met for a product, an email will be sent to confirm acceptance of the return. Purchase money will be then refunded within 30 working days after that communication. Return delivery costs will be refunded exclusively in case the cancellation and return cause can be ascribed to us such as faulty items or wrong product delivery. All refunds will be done through the initial payment method for the purchase.

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For further details and procedures regarding returns please contact